Anthroscene (Fall 2020)

Anthroscene is a functional art piece made from recycled materials. The forms are inspired by the man-made landscapes humans have created in order to collect resources. This project encourages playful interaction similar to monopoly or lego pieces as a tabletop statement piece.

Taiyo (Spring 2020)

Taiyo is an paper light structure that is inspired by Issey Miyake's textiles. The pleats allow the user to manipulate the modest material in different ways, much like the Pleats Please collection. During the ideation phase, I individually folded each prototype using origami folding methods.

Muji Wipe System (Spring 2020)

The prompt for this project was to create a solution to an unsustainable habit and pair it with a certain brand aesthetic. I made a couple of wipe containers inspired by Muji based on the growing demand of disposable wipes in the time of COVID-19.

The jars would hold a sterilizing or cleansing solution that could be replenished in a Muji store, creating a cycle of reuse and a reduction of waste production. The lid of the jar would also house reusable pads made from a linen-charcoal blend that could be washed after use. The jars would come in two sizes: travel size for bags and a larger variant for counters. There would be three sizes of pads to co-ordinate with the jars. The face cloth could be folded to fit into the counter size.


Ceramic Experimentation (2019-2020)

Akran is a series of stackable drinkware. The pieces are made from molds using jigger positives. They also act as a canvas for me to experiment with underglazes, textures, etc.